Our Mission

Epilepsy Stole Your “Everyday”. We’re here to help steal it back.

No one sees epilepsy coming. There’s no warning. No radar alarms go off letting us know it’s close. But when epilepsy hits a family, it hits hard. Suddenly, every day becomes a struggle. A child’s seizures can strike at any moment, leaving parents feeling helpless, scared, and constantly on edge.

Suddenly, every day is anything but everyday.

Parents want their children’s lives back. They want their child to wake up, have a healthy breakfast, go to school with a lunchbox with convenient and tasty foods that aren’t different from other children, come home and play, have dinner that’s simple to prepare, and go to bed. They want to reclaim their routine, their normal, their regular.

In more medically complicated situations, parents just want a connection with their child, an alertness, a brightening , where seeing them sit up and smile for the first time could mean everything.

In short, what parents want is their “everyday” back. That’s why at KetoVie, everyday is everything.

We have only just begun.

Our promise to parents is to continue to research, continue to innovate, and continue to make their lives with epilepsy as everyday as humanly possible. We are in this together. Our knowledge is your knowledge. Our research is your research. Our ideas are your ideas.

Just as your successes are our successes. Your quality of life is our quality of life. And your everyday is our everyday.

So we invite you to join us in our mission to reclaim our “everyday”:Remember most of all, you are not alone. Everyone at KetoVie is here to help you reclaim your everyday.

Because at KetoVie, everyday doesn’t have to be someday. It can be today.